CrossFit Competitors Classes

CrossFit Competition


Our CrossFit classes consist of a group warm up followed by strength or skill work. After the warm-up and or strength/skill segment, the class will perform the WOD (Workout of the Day). The WOD changes daily (WOD’s are posted in Wodify App and on our Website) and can consist of a metabolic conditioning, gymnastic, or weightlifting element — or any combination of the three!  Occasionally classes may  begin with a “Buy-In” and or “Cash Out” that usually consists of mobility work, but sometimes we’ll throw in a quick challenge (Double Unders, Tabata Planks, Runs etc.) just to keep you on your toes.

CrossFit Competitors Class WOD (RX/RX+)

The volume, specificity, complexity and risks required of a training program to effectively prepare athletes for the rigors of CrossFit competitions.  The Competitors WOD (RX/RX+) is for the more experienced CrossFit athletes wanting to train for competitions or want the challenge of a more competitive set of elements whether competing or not (All other athletes will perform a scaled variation of these WOD’s as directed by coach(s).   Workouts have multiple elements and are very demanding.  Entry to the Competitors WODS (RX/RX+) requires a proven ability to perform the nine functional movements of CrossFit as well as demonstration of  proper technique and progression of theses and other CrossFit RX/RX+ movements.