What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is many things.

Primarily, it’s a fitness regimen developed by Coach Greg Glassman over several decades. Comprised of constantly varied functional movements and performed at relatively high intensity, CrossFit optimizes your fitness.

CrossFit = Constantly Varied Functional Movements + Performed at high intensity

Add to that a community of others who share the same goal, “to see you succeed,” and the result is powerful.  In fact, this communal aspect of CrossFit is a key component of why it’s so effective and at Singing River CrossFit, it’s why we believe our clients are the best.

More than training…

CrossFit is much more than something you do at a gym.  CrossFit is a way of life.  This community is unmatched anywhere, anytime, and by anyone.  This community is made up of people from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes.  It’s one goal that brings them together, to be better!

**Special Thanks to CrossFit, Inc. for the above information