CrossFit Competitors Classes

CrossFit Competition


Our CrossFit classes consist of a group warm up followed by a “Buy In” of some strength or skill work. After the warm up and Buy In, the class will perform the WOD (Workout of the Day). The WOD changes every day (WOD’s are posted on our Website & FB page) and can consist of a metabolic conditioning, gymnastic, or weightlifting element — or any combination of the three! The class ends with a “Cash Out” that usually consists of mobility work, but sometimes we’ll throw in a quick challenge (Double Unders, Tabata Planks, Runs etc.) just to keep you on your toes.

CrossFit Competitors Class

The volume, specificity, complexity and risks required of a training program to effectively prepare athletes for the rigors of CrossFit competitions.  The CrossFit Class is for the more experienced CrossFit athlete wanting to train for competitions or want the challenge of a more competitive set of elements whether competing or not.   Workouts have multiple elements, last longer and are very demanding.  Entry to the Competitors Class requires knowledge of the nine functional movements as well as a demonstrations of proper technique and progression of movements.