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HIIT is a training technique which involves intense bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by varied periods of low-intensity active rest, or complete rest. HIIT can be a great option for staying in shape when time is an issue, as you can get an amazing fat-burning workout in 20 minutes or less. The true benefits of HIIT come from its effects post-workout. HIIT has been shown to elevate the metabolism for hours after your workout, essentially turning you into a fat-burning machine if done correctly and with adequate intensity.Slide thumbnail

Welcome to Singing River Crossfit

Where Failure Is Not An Option!

Singing River Crossfit is a strength and conditioning facility located in Pascagoula dedicated to helping people find joy in exercise. Our mission is to enhance our client’s lives through fitness, nutrition, and community. Our program is designed to help you improve in all ten facets of fitness: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Even more importantly, our programming is designed to give you longevity in your fitness journey by focusing on injury prevention and technique while increasing performance. Our workouts are scalable, starting from a foundation class and all the way up to competition athletes.

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  • On Ramp Session 2

    Singing River CrossFit – On Ramp

    Movement Review: Air Squat
    Main Movement:
    Press – Push Press – Push Jerk
    Supplementary Movement:Box Jump/Step-up

    Metcon (Time)

    30 – 20 – 10

    Push Press (Push Jerk, if needed)

    Box Jump/Step-up  crossfit-journl